During the preparation period for the official launch of the TealDANCE accelerator, we verified the programs on several projects privately.

All of them showed excellent results.
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Mishka AI.
Educational companion and friend for children 3-6 years
"Hardware Upgrade" Program (2 months)

  • Made 3 iterations of electronics adaptation for mass production. Renovated motherboard, shrunk the size, added functionality;
  • The total cost was reduced by more than 2 times;
  • Found 30 contractors in 5 main areas - plush, body for electronics, power supply sources, electronics, assembly. Meetings were held with each one, samples received, for each direction;
  • Launched production.

Project website
Autoinjector "Komarik",
which allows you to do intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
"Hardware Upgrade" Program (1 month)

  • Reduced the size of the device in width by almost a third;
  • Solved all issues related to the creaks of the body and with slits;
  • Printed and tested performance in a new configuration;
  • Reduced the cost of electronics (PCB components) by 25%;
  • Received recommendations for the optimization of printed circuit boards and components;
  • Clarified the possibility of manufacturing all plastic parts in local factories.

Project website
Continuous non-invasive glucose monitoring system (blood glucose meter)
  • A completely new electronics and component base was developed. All this made it possible to reduce the size of the device's electronics by 80%, which is especially important for wearable devices;
  • Recommendations were received on how to refine the existing scheme, received an offer to make a completely new charging option;
  • They found specialists in the development and prototyping of the device body. Useful recommendations on materials were given, discussed the general concept on development;
  • The result of acceleration program was that the device is completely ready for scaling. Electronics is ready, the body has a concept and all the arrangements.
"TAKE CHARGE!", City network of rental chargers for mobile phones
  • Found similar solutions on the market, studied business models;
  • Found production that meets the criteria;
  • Calculated the cost of the production cycle of its own equipment in production;
  • Assistance in the business communications, the preparation of necessary documentation, transaction support;
  • Verification of production for compliance and launch of production;
  • Search for the best logistics solutions;
  • Optimization of costs for procurement and logistics, monitoring and tracking suppliers, checking equipment for compliance.

Project website