«Kickstart in China» Program
TealDANCE team developed the "Kickstart in China" program for startups and companies that want to bring innovative products to the Chinese market. It takes place in Beijing in the technological and scientific park Zhongguantsun (中关村), which is called the Chinese "Silicon Valley". The headquarters of the Chinese giants Baidu, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Chinese divisions of Microsoft, Intel, Sony and many other technology companies are situated here.

This is the ideal place to start your conquest of the Chinese market. You will be taken to the center of gravity of Chinese startups, young professionals, experts, investors and large corporations. Our program lasts 4 weeks.
The program cost for a team of up to 3 people:
$15 000*
*TealTech Capital Foundation and Accelerator partners may consider investing in your startup
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You get:
A workplace in international coworking space for startups, conference rooms, high-speed WiFi;
Lectures and seminars to adapt the marketing strategy, product and business model for the Chinese market;
Daily support of our experts, mentors and coaches;
Knowledge about the possibilities of the Chinese market, measures to support start-ups, current trends in your field;
Visits to the largest companies in China, examination of their business models and conversations with top managers;
Trainings about the culture of Chinese entrepreneurs, learn how to successfully negotiate with them and do business;
Help to deal with legal issues and IP protection;
Trainings on how to pitch your project with Chinese characteristics, to understand Chinese investors;
Taking part in road shows and start-up contests, feel the real Chinese entrepreneurial spirit;
Getting in touch with the international business community;
Interpreters, tea & coffee, assistance with obtaining official registration, local SIM card, bank card.
Information about the best channels for communications, promotion, sales and distribution;
We will do everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You will be able to fully concentrate on work, without being distracted by everyday issues.
In four weeks, you will improve your MVP, tailored to the Chinese market, negotiate with potential partners as well as get feedback from experts, investors and specialists from your startup industry.
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