«Hardware Upgrade» Program
TealDANCE team has developed the Hardware Upgrade program for startups and companies that want to create a working prototype in the shortest time possible to start production in China. It takes place in Shenzhen, which is called a paradise for hardware startups. The headquarters of the largest Chinese technology companies such as Tencent, Huawei, DJI, ZTE are all situated here. If you have a hardware startup, then you have no alternatives - all roads lead to Shenzhen. In a few months here, you can produce something that takes years in other countries.

The accelerator works on the basis of an international makerspace in Huaqiangbei
(华强北), where the world's largest electronics market is located with dozens of shopping centers and representative offices of factories. Why do we invite you to create your dream product here? You will be in the center of gravity of all hardware startups in the world, young professionals, experts, investors and large corporations. Our program lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on the stage and complexity of your development.

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The program cost for a team of up to 3 people:

$15 000*
*TealTech Capital Foundation and accelerator partners may consider investing in your startup

The program cost for the team up to 3 people:

1 month - $15000
2 months - $25000
3 months - $30000

You get:
Workplace in international makerspace for startups, conference rooms, high-speed WiFi;
Lectures and seminars;
Interpreters, tea & coffee, assistance with obtaining official registration, local SIM card and bank card.
Access to the international community, which can always prompt a new idea and help with advice;
Daily support of our experts, mentors and coaches;
List of proven suppliers in many categories;
Chinese manufacturers and negotiations with them;
Set up production, implementation of quality control and production time;
Expertise in the field of industrial design;
Trainings on how to with deal legal issues and IP protection;
We will do everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You will be able to fully concentrate on work, without being distracted by everyday issues.
The necessary equipment for prototyping and testing;
Our Equipment
Soldering equipment


Power sources

Load testers

Signal Generators

Soldering oven

FDM 3D printer

Laser cutter

Milling machine

Drilling machines


Vacuum chamber

Hand tools of all kinds

If you need more sophisticated equipment, do not forget that you will be in Shenzhen! Within an hour's drive there are many partner platforms where you definitely find all the necessities.
In a fantastically short time you will be able to improve your prototype and produce the first batch. Faster does not happen!
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